Comedy Drama

Bengt Jonsson, 59 years is unemployed. Two months ago his camera store finally went bankrupt after several years of hardship. Now he is provided for by his wife, Gunilla, but secretly he enjoys having a lot of spare time. In a class held by the local unemployment service, ”Your personal brand”, he meets Ann-Marie, 55, a burnt out, former teacher, Tommy, 36, an Olympic finalist in hurdles and Leila, 29, a performance artist. When the lecturer of the class suddenly falls down in a heart attack, Bengt realizes: Life’s too short.

Bengt decides to get things going in his life. He records a new video-cv, gets a gym pass and shops new suits, but when Gunilla reveals the she’s met another man and wants to divorce, Bengt’s money problem quickly escalates. At same time Bengt's only daughter, Johanna is getting married, and he has promised to pay for the luxurious wedding. He drastically need to change his lifestyle and desperately seeks for more and more crappy jobs, which he thinks he’s highly over-qualified for, but still doesn’t get. He enters a quick and humiliating journey downwards the hierarchy of society towards poverty and homelessness. Meanwhile he finds a new form of companionship with his new found, unemployed friends, when he’s down in to their different lives. Bengt becomes Tommy’s new coach for his comeback in the next Olympics, he becomes the new tangopartner of Ann-Marie and plays the main lead role in Leila’s new play ”The Loser”.



Liv, 85 years old, lives with her husband, Bertil since 60 years, in a house in a small-town of southern Sweden. One day Bertil has a stroke and dies. After the funeral, Liv enters a new phase of reflexion. She starts to revisit her memories from when she was a young girl, a young woman and later as mother with teenage kids. When she revisits her memories they turn into songs and dance. After every revisit she turns more forgetful and confused. When her daughter and grandchild visits her, they understand something’s wrong and she get’s diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

My spot on earth?

Comedy Drama

This is Joakim Granberg, 36 years old, a comedian, screenwriter, actor and jack-of-all-trades. He hates his lonely life in boring Sweden and wants to replace it with something completely different, somewhere in the world, but where shall he live? There are so many possibilities….

Barn av sin tid


Samir, a 17 year old refugee from Afghanistan arrives in Sweden one hot summer morning. He gets an accommodation at an older couple, Lasse och Kristina in a declined small town in rural Sweden. There he meets Ellen, who skates around all day without any real friends. They start to hang out every day, but while their feelings grow toward each other, the suspicion against the refugees living in the town also grows and when a violent incident occurs everyone’s solidarities is put to test.